Corrugated tube cut and open

Automatic precise corrugated tube cut and open machine

It is an automatic machine for corrugated tube cutting and opening. It is used for cutting tubes such as corrugated tubes and PVC tubes. If you need, the machine will be equipped with a tube feeding system under its own case, it ensures the cutting process safety and convenience. Machine is driven by high quality step motors. It is kept fast speed and stable quality. 

How does the tube cutting opening machine works?

Tube cutting machine details


Tubes after cutting and opening


Features and specifications:

Function: Cutting tubes, opening corrugate tubes
Control mode: PLC HMI display
Cutting mode: Motor cutting
Stroke: 30mm
Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 300W
Cutting range: ø5-ø30mm (φ30-φ45 can be ordered)
Cutting tolerance: Cutting length±1%
Speed: 10-60pcs/min(depends on length)
Dimension: 580X470X500mm (70KG)

Contact information

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WhatsApp: +86 17704060257 


Five wire two ends automatic crimping machine

It is an automatic machine, intergrated with wire cutting to length, stripping both ends, crimping both ends. For AWG18-32#, it can process 5 wires at one time.

How does the five wire crimping machine work?

What are the wire crimping machine features?

  • Five-wire cutting, stripping, crimping at the same time for both ends
  • Function: wire cutting, single end stripping, double end stripping, single end semi-stripping, double ends half stripping, single end crimping, double end crimping
  • Exquisite and compact design, ingenious conception, less space occupation
  • Computer touch screen in English, PLC operation, easily understood menu
  • Quick to change the working procedure or materials
  • High-efficient Mit, high accuracy and high speed
  • Super silent electronic clutch terminal machine
  • Cost-effective, easy to maintain
  • One worker can operate multiple machines, greatly improving production efficiency

Wire crimping machine for five wires images

Five wire crimping machine
automatic wire crimping
wire cut strip crimp machine
wire crimping

For more details, see specifictions

  • Name: Automatic five wire two ends wire cut strip crimp machine
  • Function: cutting, stripping, two sides crimping
  • Wire range: AWG16-32#, other size can be specially ordered
  • Cutting length range: 10-600mm(can be special ordered)
  • Speed:6000-8000pcs/hour(varies on wire cutting length, wire materials, wire sizes)
  • Preciseness: 0.1mm
  • Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.5MAP
  • Detection: wire absence, pressing failure, lack of air
  • Stripping length: A end 1-9mm/half strip 3-9mm; B end 1-9mm/half strip 3-9mm
  • Crimping force: 2T
  • Operation display: 6sets servo motors+LCD display
  • Machine size: 2270*1240*1900mm(including the bulge)
  • Machine weight: 460kg

Pneumatic wire stripper and crimper

New design pneumatic-electricity wire stripper and crimper for multiple incore wires

It is used for multiple inner cables stripping and crimping. Connect the pneumatic wire stripping with semi-auto wire crimping machine.

May I see how does the wire stripping crimping machine work? Below is the video.

See pictures of the stripper crimper

Samples and workshop


Name:Semi-auto wire stripping and crimping machine for multiple wires

Voltage: AC220V

Function: One head stripping and crimping, wires positioned automatically

Wire diameter: 1-5mm

Processing range: 2-26P

Pressure force: 2T

Stripping length: max45mm

Weight: 70kg

Size: 750*850*650mm

Wire bending machine

Automatic wire bending machine | Programmable wire bender | Wire bending tool

It is automatic bender wire forming tool machine. Different shapes of wires are acceptable, widely used on PCB. A CNC machine for production of different types of wire bends. Any 2D wire bends at various angles and radius can be achieved. … A desktop software provided with the machine is capable to convert drawing to machine language. 

How does the machine bend wires?

Automatic wire bending machine


Wire bending samples

Learn specifications

Model NoKK-ZW25, KK-ZW16, KK-ZW6(25sqmm, 16sqmm, 6sqmm)

Functions: Wire cut to length, both sides stripping, bending place 1-13places


Net weight45KG     


Power source220V/110V 50/60HZ

DisplayEnglish7”touch screen

Air pressure0.4-0.6Mpa

Processing range0.1-25sqmm

Max guide tube size:¢11mm

Stripping preciseness±0.2mm              

Cutting lengthmax 5m

Stripping lengthhead0-30mmrear0-20mm

Bending shapeU shape, Z shape,clockwise,counterclockwise

30degree,45 degree,90-180degree

Blades materialsHigh speed steel

Stripping speed: 100mm   2000-3000pcs/hour

Drive mode4-wheel belt driving

Auto crimp for loose terminals

Automatic wire crimping machine | Wire cut strip crimp | Loose terminals crimper

It is a complex auto crimping machine with wire cut strip crimp. Loose brass terminals, insulated terminals, pre-insulated terminals can be used on this wire crimping machine.

How does the wire cirmping machine work?

Automatic wire crimping machine picture


1.Smart and compact design,small land occupation

2.PC touch screen with English menu

3.Easy to change applicator and materials

4.High efficiency, high preciseness, fast speed

5.Easy maintenance

6.Cost friendly

7.All digital debugging


Name: Automatic single end crimping  machine for loose terminals

Power source: AC220V/50HZ

Function: cable cutting, two heads or one head stripping,  single head crimping, single head crimping

Output: 3000-4000pcs/hour (Length: 300mm)

Applicable cable range: AWG12-28#(bigger or smaller cables, we offer customized machine)

Cutting range:45-9999mm(special requirement is acceptable for customizing)

Stripping length:1.5-10mm

Crimping force: 2.0T(2.5T if optional)

Air pressure:4-6kgf, need dry and clean air

Detective device: cable absence, air pressure, cable knotting or blocking

Machine size: 650*700*1500mm

Net weight: 250KG

Belt cutting machine

Cutting machine | Automatic wire cutting | Belt cut | Zipper cut | Tube cut

It is an automatic cutting machine, used for cutting leather belt, tubes,  fabric cloth,  non-woven, Velcro, color ribbon, nylon zipper, cotton belt, fastening tape, double-sided tape, electrical insulation paper, PVC hose, wire, metal wire, heat shrinkable tube, etc.

How does it work on the belts? Hot cutting

Cutting machine for all kinds of materials


Note: high speed feeding, speed than the general cut machine more than two times.
1. Automatic cold&hot cutting machine adopts high-speed stepper motor feeding. Cutting length accuracy, fast speed. Single chip microcomputer control high stability. Liquid crystal display (LCD).
2. Automatic operation, easy to cut up 10meters.
3. Can shear: non-woven, Velcro, color ribbon, nylon zipper, cotton belt, fastening tape, double-sided tape, electrical insulation paper, PVC hose, wire, metal wire, heat shrinkable tube, etc.


Blanking width: 110 mm
Blanking length: 1-99999 – mm
50/60 hz power supply voltage: 110/230 V
Work & have spent & have spent Rate: 0.28 KW
Heavy & have spent & have spent Quantity: 25 KG
Packing size: 560 * 415 * 400 mm 

New design wire crimping machine

Wire crimping machine semi-auto lugs crimper

It is a new designed machine for semi-auto wire crimping, widely used in some countries who starts to use machines late. It is easy operated and with higher output than manually.

How does it work on cables and terminals?

The semi-auto crimping machine is able to assemble applicator tools for front/side/loose terminals. Give us sampels, we refund you solutions.

Maybe it is what you are looking for, you want fully auotmatic one, please click below links for other models.

Both of the machine videos are for pure brass terminals, we have solutions for pre-insulated terminals, insulated terminals, big lugs, large size tube terminals loose termianals and so on. Just send us inquiry, solutions will be offered soonest!

Views of the crimping machine


  • Simple design that is very easy to use.
  • Extremely cost effective
  • High quality results


It accepts most side- and rear-feed, pneumatic and mechanical feed mini-style crimping applicators.

  • Open barrel
  • Closed barrel
  • Pre-insulated
  • Mylar Tape


Crimping Force:  15KN /20 kN 

Conductor Cross-Section Up to 6 mm² (10 AWG) (Material thickness up to 0.75 mm [0.03”] / Length of the crimping zone up to 6 mm [0.24”])

Stroke  30 mm (1.185”)

Shut Height: 135.78 mm (5.346”)

Activation: Foot Pedal

Noise Level < 70 dB (A)

Power Supply: 220 VAC, 50 Hz  350W

Dimensions :(L x W x H) 245x 245 x 620 mm

Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs.)

Automatic tinning machine

Automatic wire cut strip twist tin machine

It has multi-functions of wire cutting stripping twsiting and tinning. Nowadays, we pursue fast speed and high efficiency. This machine can process 8 wires at one time, output 20,000+ piece each hour. Moreover, we can customize according to your requirement.

How does it work on automatic cable tinning?

Overview of the tinning machine

Processed wires samples