Connector insert&crimp

Automated cable machine, wire cutter, stripping, crimping, connector inserting

FDBSH1200 is a comprehensive machine with functions of wire cutting, stripping, both sides crimping and one sdie connector inserting. It can process 6 different colors of wires.

How does the connector inserting machine work?

Connector inserting machine wire crimping machine picture


Mode: FDBSH1200
Function: Wire cut, both ends striping, both ends crimping, one end inserted, the wire reversed
Power supply: Single phase ~AC200V/ 50HZ 10A
Compressed air: 0.5MPa,about 170N/min
Wire size: AWG#20—AWG#30 (outer wire diameter φ 2.5mm or less)
Wire color: 6colors (optional 2 to 6)
Wire cut length: 50mm-1000mm (set 0.1mm as unit)
Cut length: precision Olerance 0.1mm+
Stripping length:1.0mm-8mm
Stripping accuracy tolerance: ±0.1mm
Crimping machine: 19600N(2T equivalent)
Crimping stroke: 30mm
Universal press: Universal OTP press
Detection: Low pressure,no wire detection,wire overload detection,crimp error detection,terminal detection,terminal overload detection,terminal insertion detection,pressure sensing device (optional),CCD visual inspection (optional)
Control mode: PLC control
Internal control voltage: DC24V
Operating temperature range: 15℃-30℃
Operation humidity range: 30%-80%RH (can not be condensated)
Guarantee period: 2000 hours or 1 year (excluding wear parts)
Mechanical weight About 750kg

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