Corrugated tube cut and open

Automatic precise corrugated tube cut and open machine

It is an automatic machine for corrugated tube cutting and opening. It is used for cutting tubes such as corrugated tubes and PVC tubes. If you need, the machine will be equipped with a tube feeding system under its own case, it ensures the cutting process safety and convenience. Machine is driven by high quality step motors. It is kept fast speed and stable quality. 

How does the tube cutting opening machine works?

Tube cutting machine details


Tubes after cutting and opening


Features and specifications:

Function: Cutting tubes, opening corrugate tubes
Control mode: PLC HMI display
Cutting mode: Motor cutting
Stroke: 30mm
Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 300W
Cutting range: ø5-ø30mm (φ30-φ45 can be ordered)
Cutting tolerance: Cutting length±1%
Speed: 10-60pcs/min(depends on length)
Dimension: 580X470X500mm (70KG)

Contact information

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WhatsApp: +86 17704060257 


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