Big&battery cable crimp

Semi-auto crimping machine for heavy duty cable battery cables

FD-6C&F hexagon edge terminal crimping machine is used for heavy duty cables and hoses. It is widely used in battery cable processing industry.

How does the semi-auto crimpng machine work?

Heavy duty crimping machine


1.This machine is designed for crimping the tube terminal with large square;

2.Industrial level control chip and high precise servo driving to ensure its high speed and stable running;

3.With PLC control system, it can instantly change the crimping range of different terminals, and the operation is by touch screen;

4.It doesn’t need to change crimping applicator when crimping the closed tube-shaped terminal from size 10-120 mm2;

5.Suitable for crimping operation of non-standard terminals or crimping terminals;

6.No need to change the applicator and with high accuracy;

7.Crimping joint can be completely opened, and is suitable for pressing the middle connection or the large square terminal.

8.It can adjust the position with the actual square wire;

9.Compact structure, space saving and low working noise.


Wire range:                 10-120mm2 (Min:AWG10#,240 mm2 can be special ordered)

Crimping force:          200KN

Stroke:                         350mm

Crimping width:         12.5mm (other size can be special ordered)

Weight:                        120KG

Dimension:                  500*450*480mm

Power source:             220V 50HZ

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