Wire bending machine

Automatic wire bending machine | Programmable wire bender | Wire bending tool

It is automatic bender wire forming tool machine. Different shapes of wires are acceptable, widely used on PCB. A CNC machine for production of different types of wire bends. Any 2D wire bends at various angles and radius can be achieved. … A desktop software provided with the machine is capable to convert drawing to machine language. 

How does the machine bend wires?

Automatic wire bending machine

Learn specifications

Functions: wire cut to length, one head or two heads stripping, 1-13places bending

Applicable wire size: max 6sqmm, another model max for 25sqmm

Cutting length: 1-9999mm

Front strip length: 1-30mm

Rear strip length: 1-20mm

Output: 2000-6000pcs/hour

Cutting tolerance: 0.002*Length

Bending times: 13 places