Five wire two ends automatic crimping machine

It is an automatic machine, intergrated with wire cutting to length, stripping both ends, crimping both ends. For AWG18-32#, it can process 5 wires at one time.

How does the five wire crimping machine work?

What are the wire crimping machine features?

  • Five-wire cutting, stripping, crimping at the same time for both ends
  • Function: wire cutting, single end stripping, double end stripping, single end semi-stripping, double ends half stripping, single end crimping, double end crimping
  • Exquisite and compact design, ingenious conception, less space occupation
  • Computer touch screen in English, PLC operation, easily understood menu
  • Quick to change the working procedure or materials
  • High-efficient Mit, high accuracy and high speed
  • Super silent electronic clutch terminal machine
  • Cost-effective, easy to maintain
  • One worker can operate multiple machines, greatly improving production efficiency

Wire crimping machine for five wires images

Five wire crimping machine
automatic wire crimping
wire cut strip crimp machine
wire crimping

For more details, see specifictions

  • Name: Automatic five wire two ends wire cut strip crimp machine
  • Function: cutting, stripping, two sides crimping
  • Wire range: AWG16-32#, other size can be specially ordered
  • Cutting length range: 10-600mm(can be special ordered)
  • Speed:6000-8000pcs/hour(varies on wire cutting length, wire materials, wire sizes)
  • Preciseness: 0.1mm
  • Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
  • Air pressure: 0.4-0.5MAP
  • Detection: wire absence, pressing failure, lack of air
  • Stripping length: A end 1-9mm/half strip 3-9mm; B end 1-9mm/half strip 3-9mm
  • Crimping force: 2T
  • Operation display: 6sets servo motors+LCD display
  • Machine size: 2270*1240*1900mm(including the bulge)
  • Machine weight: 460kg
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