Multicore cable cut&strip

Automatic multi-core power cable stripping machine with cutter and stripper tool

FD-880H is a power cable cut and strip macine. It cuts and strips outer jacket layer and inner covers. Outer diameter 2-10mm is in this machine processing range. And 2-5 inner cables are ok, flat cable is possible.

How does the cutting and stripping machine work on the power cable?

Stripping machine picture

Processing Capabilities


It is manufactured subject to round muti-core power cables, flat jacket cables and some other special cables. It can strip both outer layers and inner insulation. Cutting the cable into designated length, and strip as requirement. It won’t damage the insulation which stay on wire harness. Increase production hugely and increase wire harness quality by using our machine. The knife holder is movable, cutting blades and stripping blades are separately used. Cutting mouth is even, stripping quality is stable. And belt feeding system make it on more preciseness. Having 100 numbers saving programs. We can take out the program at any time when need it.


Processing diameter: 2-10mm(inner cables:1-5pcs)

Touch screen:7” touch screen, English version

Cutting length: 0.5mm-9999.9mm, Middle left cover more than 120mm


Blades materials: High speed steel

Outer cover strip capacity: Front 200mm, Back 150mm

Power: 650W

Inner cover strip capacity:Front 30mm, Back 30mm

Power source: AC220V/110V 50/60Hz

Tube diameter: 1-10mm 

Air Pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

Stripping speed: 500-600pcs/h (Length: 500mm)

Size: 610*520*1220mm

Drive mode: Belt feeding, 8-wheel drive, solo drive box driving

Weight: 128kg

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