Corrugated tube cut

Automatic precise tubes cutting machine

This machine is specially designed for the length cutting of a series of thick tubes such as corrugated tubes, silicone tube, rubber tube, oil seal tube, coffee tube, medical tube, gas tube, water pipe.

How does it cut the corrugated tubes?

Pipe cutting machine picture

Cutting samples


1.Designed for automatic cutting of corrugated tube for auto wire/cable harness ;

2.It is used for cutting round plastic corrugated tube, with features of simple operation, high processing efficiency and stability.

 3.Feeding is driven by stepping motor, with features of stable feeding  and  accurate cutting length.

4.Integrated circuit, stable controlling , and easy maintenance.

5.It can be equipped with related tube feeder.


1.Tube diameter range :5-38mm

2.Cutting length :0.2mm-100m(Regular hard tube )

3.Cutting tolerance :0.1mm (Material without elasticity)

4.Capacity :100 PCS/Min (based on length of 100mm)

5.Cutting speed :60-210times /min

6.Cutter material : Imported high-speed steel

7.Power:  AC220V/50HZ

8.Power: 560W

9.Dimension :650*480*420mm

10.Gross Weight :84kg

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