Coax cable strip OD1.5-9.5mm

Semi-auto cable stripper coaxial wire stripping machine

Coaxial cable, multi-conductor cable and single conductor wire from 1.5 up to 9.5 mm outer diameter and strip lengths from 0.1 up to 65 mm.

Coax cable stripping machine

Processing capabilities


High precision rotary stripping up to 9 steps

Menu guided programming with user-friendly color touch panel

No mechanical adjustments required when changing wire sizes

Very sensitive trigger sensor

Operator has clear view of the entire working area

1.Mainly used for  processing  multi-layer stripping of small/middle/large size communication cables;

2.Touch screen interface, stripping depth/speed/distance and rotating time can be digital input;

3.Using the most advanced rotary cutter frame, improve the processing accuracy and speed;

4.Adopted with specific axis positioning device and rotary cutting tool, stropping 9 layers at most, it can processing different size of wires without changing cutters;

5.Wire clamping device: automatic centralizing, motor driving and clamping force is controlled by program.


Applied wire:                                        small size coaxial cable 

Voltage:                                                AC220V/110V 50/60HZ 

Motor:                                                   400W

Stripping length:                                 0.1mm-65mm 

Stripping length setting unit:            0.01mm

Cutting wire diameter:                      1.5- 9.5mm 

Cutting depth setting unit:                0.01mm

Stripping method:                              rotary cutter        

Stripping layer:                                   Max.9 layers

Capacity:                                             700-1200pcs/h

Cutter materials:                                Import tungsten steel (Kenna or Fuji)

Drive mode:                                        DC servo motor /TBI ball screw

Working environment:                       -5 – 45 degree ,dry ,table without vibration

Dimension:                                          600*185*280mm

Weight:                                                 25kg

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