Vertical wire stripper 3F

Vertical wire stripping machine

It can strip multiple inner cables or a few single wires at one time. Processing range is 0.1-2.5sqmm. If you want to strip the outer cover, then use our 305 series, which can process OD1-25mm cables. And we also have heavier duty rotary blades cable stripping machine for big power cables or HV cables.

How does the vertical wire stripping machine work?

Pneumatic wire stripping machine for inner cables


1.Mainly used for stripping sheathed stranded wire and single core wire ;

2.Exquisite design , compact structure and easy operation;

3.The function of  synchronously stripping multi-wire which can increase the productivity and also the product quality.


1.Stripping range : 0.1-2.5mm2;(AWG13#-AWG28#)

It can be custom-made if required )

2.Applied wire type: computer core wire, shielding wire, telephone wire, flat wire, etc.

3.Stripping length :20mm

4.Stroke: 20mm

5.Air supply: 0.5MPa-0.7 Mpa

6.Weight : 9.5 kg

7.Voltage: AC220V 50Hz

8.Dimension :260 x 150 x 270mm

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