Automatic wire crimping and tinning machine for five wires processing

FD-175 is an automatic wire crimping and tinning machine, with cutting stripping as well. It is widely used in PCB board wire assembly.

How does the wire crimping and tinning machine work?

Crimping and tinning machine


1.Exquisite, compact design, human design and small footprint;

2.Digital intelligent touch screen, easy to learn and use;

3.Can store 100 sets of processing procedures, change process and material quickly;

4.High speed DSP distributed control system, silent hybrid servo drive, high precision and fast speed;

5.Wire feeding through straight tube, with no fear of wire blockage, the machine performance gets more stable and finished wire will be more tide;

6.Blades are well clipped and fixed on frame, easy to install and understand, more fast and save labor force;

7.Twisting mechanism has the function of automatic reset, different diameter no need to adjust to realize the universal wire twisting;

8.Input circuit equipped with abnormal signal lights, which can indicate the bug zone, and helps worker with debugging.


Power source:               AC 220V/50/60HZ Single phase

Function :                       Wire cutting, single end strip, double end strip, single end half strip,  

                                         double end half strip, single end twisting, single end crimping, single end tinning

Cutting length:               30mm-99999.9mm

Stripping length:            wire head/0.1mm-7mm

Twisting length:            3mm-7mm

Tube diameter:             ɸ 1.5mm-5mm

Cross section:              AWG#16-AWG#32

Crimping force:            2.0T

Working speed:           4000-5000pcs/hour

Crimping position:      Digital adjustment

Air pressure:                5— 7kgf(Clean and dry air is required)

Detection device:        Low air pressure, wire lack or not, punch unwell, wire knotting

Tool material:              tungsten steel/ high speed steel

Dimension:                   900mm*600mm*1400mm(Excluding raised part)

Weight:                         About 250kg

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