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Freedom Cabling Machinery Co. Ltd is a group enterprise. There are 5 companies and factories over China, located in Dongguan, Shenzhen, NingBo, Suzhou and Xinyu. 

We are professional in manufacturing all kinds of wire harness processing machines, including automatic wire crimping, wire cutter, wire stripping, heavy duty cutting, big size tube crimper, crimping and tinning, connector insertion, USB soldering, plug wire crimping, power cable bundling and tying, USB cable and earphone winding, PV cable processing and so on. We have offered thousands of hundreds cable machines all over the world, getting positive feedback from our honorable customers and distributors. 

Hope you are our next customer or distributor!

Hot selling products

Wire crimping and tinning machine
Connector insertion machine
Heavy duty crimping machine
Wire crimping macine for both sides
Multi-core cable cut and strip machine
Pre-insulated lugs strip&crimp machine
Corrugated tube cutting machine
Coaxial cable stripping machine
Automatic cable tie machine