Pre-insulated terminals strip&crimp

Pre-insulated terminals strip and crimp machine

FD-18 is a semi-auto terminal stripping and crimping machine. It has vibrating plate for terminal feeding. It’s available for all the similar terminals.

May I know how does it strip and crimp wire connectors?

Strip and crimp machine picture


1.Wire threading, stripping and terminal crimping are finished at one time, especially for crimping international standard tube terminal;

2.Vibrating plate for terminal feeding, convenient and fast in changing the terminal;  simplifies the complicated procedure, the overall efficiency is increased by 3-4 times compared to the manual working, with a greater cost performance;

4.the wire inserting part is horn shape which is convenient for wire threading; 

5.The wire stripping diameter and crimping height are automatically adjusted;

6.Sensitive pneumatic control, fast crimping;

7.Imported components and cylinder ensures its stable performance.


Wire range     

0.5-2.5 mm2 (AWG21#-AWG13#)(Other size can be specially ordered)

Stripping length         

6-10mm2(Other size can be specially ordered)

Applied terminal          

6/8/10mm(Other size can be specially ordered)

Air supply





400 x 340 x 450 mm   




wire threading, stripping and crimping can be finished at the same time

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